Japanese zitar & ancient stories

MUKASHI: Japanese Storytelling w/ Magic and Koto Music

By Kuniko and Yoshiko

Ancient tales are filled with magical moments and requires a touch of magic keeps it animated. Kuniko tells Japanese myth and folktales of heroes, wise woman, 6 headed dragons, talking fish, and more…  with visual effects and masks.  Not only to entertain but to share cultural experience by disclosing Japanese social ideas and ideals, virtues and wisdom, which is partially universal and partially odd ( very odd?).  Kuniko’s stylized movement and audience participation throughout the show enchant family audience.

Featured; Yoshiko, joins Kuniko’s storytelling with Koto, the Japanese traditional sitar music. Award winning musician, Yoshiko will make ancient time happen on the stage by plucking 13 strings music sounding like no other. Japanese poets often describe Koto sound, ‘kokoro no Kinsen’ (the string of your soul).

*45-60 minutes (adjustable)

*Audience of age 5 up

*Audience size up to 300

*1 hand held microphone and 2 microphone on stand

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