>>> FOR SCHOOLS (as it follows…)


#1. Can you perform your show bilingual with a mix of Japanese and English?


Yes. Please let me know the ratio of the mix. I’m a fluent English speaker after living in the USA for 20 years and fascinated by English ant the storytelling in the language mix between Japanese and English. By the way my mother language is Japanese and some people asked that if I ever forget Japanese – definitely not.  I grew up and lived in Japan till 22 years old and the scientist proves that the part of the brain was formed once and for all.


#2. What do you need for the stage?


I need a bright stage light or wash and a sound system to use microphone. I also need a CD player that projects through sound system. I’d like to use wireless lavaliere microphone. If it’s not available, please let me know – I will try to provide it.

If your school have no auditorium, library or multi-purpose room works by keeping the audience size small, 100 students per group (microphone required). If microphone is not available, please keep the group under 75 students per group in a quiet setting (not gym or noisy cafeteria).


#3. How many shows can you do per visit?


3 auditorium shows for up to 300 students per group, or 5 library/multi-purpose room sessions for up to 100 students per group (microphone required). If you are combining the auditorium show and library sessions, I’d like to discuss with you the layout of the day – please let me know.


#4.  Are there differences between the auditorium show and the library/multi-purpose room sessions?


The content and quality is the same. My show at auditorium has more theatrical feel with the sound effect and lighting. My library/multi-purpose room session is more interactive.


#5.  What kind of stories do you tell?


I tell traditional folktales from Japan, the stories I grew up with, the story of heroes, mysterious woman, funny animals and mythological creatures. Personally I like funny stories and wisdom stories, which reflects to my selection.


#6. How long is your show?


45 minutes is typical but according to your schedule, any length between 30-60 is available.


#7. How long do you need between shows?


I’d like to ask for 15 minutes. If your school’s schedule is tight, please let me know.


#8. Contact information?


I work with awesome ladies with Siegel Artist Management. And if you are in Canada, Robert Baird with Baird Artist Management, will be the man.


>>>I welcome questions from you! Please email to kunikotheater@gmail.com.